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Welcome to GoGreenMicrofinance

This website is designed to provide advice, recommendations, and tools to help microfinance practitioners embed environmental sustainability into their already robust social and economic practices.

At a Glance


The percentage of MFI clients and portfolios that are still not insured against weather/climate-related events. - Green Microfinance in Latin America and the Caribbean

$4 Billion

The estimated potential market for MFI involvement in the voluntary carbon credit market. - Climate Change and Microfinance

10% - 20%

Estimated amount of an MFI's net profit that could come from cross-selling of "green" products & providing micro-loans to pay for them. - What to Consider When Investing in "Green" Microfinance


"Green microfinance does not stand alone, but is transversal to other sectors such as food security, energy access, health, [climate change] adaptation and mitigation, rural development, credit risk management, social mission, etc."



Interested in learning more about green microfinance or want to know how sustainability can help grow your MFI and support your clients?  Let's connect and start bridging the environmental sustainability gap in the microfinance industry!

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