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Let's Get Started

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Here you will find some tools to help you get started introducing green microfinance practices to your organization.  Not quite sure how or where to begin?  Check out the Contact page to connect and I can help you get things moving!

The Green Index 2.0

An innovative tool to assess environmental performance in the microfinance sector. Developed by the European Microfinance Platform (E-MFP) Microfinance and Environment Action Group in 2014.

Green Microfinance MFI Self-Survey

A self-survey for MFIs who would like to get a baseline snapshot of where they are in terns of green microfinance. Can be adapted and built upon or used as a starting point to open up a dialogue with an internal sustainability champion or to start a consult here.

Advancing Green Microfinance Webinar

This pre-recorded webinar is hosted by the Microfinance Centre and shares the experiences of two MFIs – Partner from B&H and Crystal in Georgia – and what motivated them to get engaged in the green finance segment and develop green finance products.

Green Inclusive & Climate Smart Finance Action Group

Part of the European Microfinance Platform bringing together microfinance practitioners to discuss and exchange experiences in dealing with environmental issues and to create new practical tools to advance environmental microfinance. Find trainings, workshops, webinars, and publications on their website.

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